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The opening ceremony of the Sobokuya Vietnam office - Unique and creative

News 14 Feb, 2023

On February 11, 2023, Sobokuya Vietnam office was officially opened at R1.02, 01SH11, Vinhomes Ocean Park, Da Ton, Gia Lam, Hanoi. The ceremony was held in a solemn, cozy Japanese atmosphere with the participation of Sobokuya's partners and guests.


Mr. Imai took a photo with Miyagi Company

Design ideas of The Sobokuya Vietnam office

Mr. Imai Hisashi - Representative Director of Sobokuya shared that the importance of living space greatly affects the quality of life of each family. He had the opportunity to come to Vietnam a few years ago and started to love the people and culture here. He started to cherish the intention of opening an office in Vietnam with the desire to introduce the traditional Japanese wooden house architecture and accompany families on the path of raising lovely children in this house.

To create a comfortable working environment for employees, he designed the office into many small corners suitable for many different purposes when used. We have a small kitchen with basic items, a tea room, and an area dedicated to the garden landscape. Sobokuya is different with other offices, we design a place to work and enjoy and share life together.


The Kigumi method in traditional Japanese wooden house construction

The Kigumi is a traditional Japanese wood to wood joinery method applied in house construction. This is a complicated joinery method, requiring the carpenter to have high skills and a deep understanding of each type of joint. This method without using screws or adhesives will increase the product longevity and is especially easy to maintain and dismantle.

Sobokuya Vietnam introduces how to pair Kigumi for guests

At Sobokuya, we use the Kigumi method not only in the construction of traditional Japanese wooden houses but also in interior products. The joints are meticulously designed, and accurate from millimeters, so the product after being jointed will have high durability and aesthetics.

Exchange information about wood with HoangWood Company

To make it easier for customers to visualize the Japanese Kigumi method, we introduced the way of jointing through simple patterns during the opening ceremony. Sobokuya's guests are very interested in this unique activity. The opening ceremony of Sobokuya will still be held until the end of February 28, 2023, so customers can have interesting experiences.

Experience Japan's tea ceremony culture with Sobokuya

The tea ceremony is not only about enjoying tea, but also has all the elements such as meticulousness and thoroughness in the selection of ingredients, the way of making tea, the space of the tea room, and the small garden lanscape. We want to bring our guests the most authentic experience of the Japanese tea ceremony in the office space of Sobokuya Vietnam.

Sobokuya Vietnam's tea room

Sitting and enjoying tea and eating mochi cake in the babbling sound from running water, and feeling the fresh life when being in harmony with nature to toward a perfect living space, that is the biggest wish of Mr. Imai - Sobokuya's representative director wanted to give his guests.

Thank you

During 2 hours, we talked and shared about the green lifestyle or how the Japanese protect their health through the traditional wooden houses with our guests.

Sobokuya hope that we can continue to introduce the beauty of traditional Japanese wooden houses to many provinces and cities with exquisite architecture showing the level of the owners.

We want to give the sincerely thank the customers who attended the opening ceremony of the office with Sobokuya Vietnam. Your presence is our honor.

Mr. Imai took a photo with Bizconsult Law Firm

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