What are the merits of Jikugumi method?

Blog 03 Jan, 2022

According to the Japan Forestry Agency, among the wooden house construction methods applied in Japan nowadays, the application of Jikugumi method accounted for 76%, which is ranked at the top in 2018. 

So what makes Jikugumi that popular? Let’s take a look at the merits of this method.

Be free in design 

One of the merits of the Jikugumi method is the high degree of freedom in design.

In this method, pillars and beams are combined for the frame, therefore the floor plan and structure, the position of doors and windows can be designed relatively freely. 

Jikugumi method is recommended for those who want to build a house with particular attention to the design of the floor plan and structure.

Highly variable structure and easy to reform

Jikugumi method also has the advantage of being highly variable. The variability of a house means the ease of reformation such as house extension or reduction, change of floor plan.

Even if the house is ideal at first, it may be necessary to reform the house after a period once the family structure and lifestyle have changed. However, depending on the construction method, there are cases which is difficult for reformation or renovation. 

Since Jikugumi method uses timber frame with pillars and beams, it can be easily reformed by removing the wall to make changes in floor plan, for example. 

These are two main merits of Jikugumi construction method. Sobokuya has been applying this method to build houses and other wood architecture. We would like to introduce this traditional Japanese construction method to Vietnam and to the world. 

~ Soboku Rin ~

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