About Us

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam. I was very impressed with the image of the friendly Vietnamese people, the beautiful country of Vietnam, and I began to cherish the plan to one day open a design office in this country. By 2022, my dream has come true when it is convenient to open Sobokuya Vietnam with an office located in Vinhomes Oceanpark.

I would like to introduce Japanese wooden house architecture to Vietnam and build happy houses in your beautiful country. It will be wonderful to be able to witness the joys and laughter, the love blossoming in the home we built, when you can accompany your family on the path of raising lovely children. . We understand that the living environment is a prerequisite for the future success of the young generation. Delivering complete service to bring back the joy of customers has been our motto since the very first days of rekindling the idea of ​​Sobokuya company in Japan. We don't just build simple houses, we build happiness.


Our Team

Imai Hisashi(今井久志)General Director - Architect

I am an architect with expertise in wood house architecture. I was born and raised in Osaka in the Kansai region, where many of Japan's oldest and famous architectural works are kept. I have lived and worked in Canada for about 10 years. With a passion for traditional Japanese wood architecture, I returned to my hometown and established Sobokuya. I love wood and have always appreciated its value. When building a house, I take the life of the tree and let the tree live a new life in the form of a house, a door or a dining table. I love nature. I believe that nature is an inexhaustible source of ideas for creativity in architecture. I hope to be able to contribute a small part of my efforts to preserving and expanding to the world the traditional values of Japan.

VU KHAC TUEChief business officer in Vietnam

After graduating from the University of Mining and Geology, Faculty of Information Technology, I went to Japan to study about Construction Management in Tokyo. After completing my studies, I started working at Sobokuya in Japan with a passion for traditional wood house architecture. I didn't choose to follow the same path as everyone else, sitting at the drawing and designing office. I want to go to the construction site, personally plan each tree bark, chisel each piece of wood, understand each horizontal and vertical grain of the wood, put love and passion into each wood joint to build solid houses. I have the ambition to bring the beauty of Japanese architecture to Vietnam, to build beautiful houses for the Vietnamese people in my homeland.

Something about Sobokuya Inc. in Japan

Sobokuya Japan(素朴屋日本) is located in the mountains of northern Yamanashi Prefecture (山梨県)to the west of Tokyo, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Yatsugatake Plateau. With cherry blossoms blooming in spring, green fields in summer, leaves turning red in autumn, and white snow in winter, the landscape of the four seasons of the year is sure to impress you.

 Imagine sitting in your room enjoying tea and relaxing looking at Mount Fuji, it feels great. It is very important for the Japanese to have quiet moments during the day. That is how the human soul is recharged with energy, sometimes resting and recovering mentally is many times more important than resting and recovering physically. Therefore, Sobokuya attaches great importance to the living space and quality of life of the people living in the house, when the spirit is well restored, the health and quality of life will be improved.

A year always begins in the spring, we will sit together in the Sobokuya house, enjoy flowers and drink tea, talk about the past year with so many things, and discuss future plans with desire and hope. Spring 2022 for us is a historic spring with the establishment of Sobokuya Vietnam and office construction at The Zen Park, Vinhomes Oceanpark, we hope next spring we will enjoy tea at the office here with our employees and customers.

Method and process

We apply a method which builds wooden frame called “Jikugumi” (軸組). This is a traditional method handed down from carpenters who specialize in building famous structures dating back hundreds of years such as Meji Jingu Temple (明治神宮), Kiyomizu Temple (清水寺),...

The process of making wood joints is called "Kizami" (刻み). A special feature of Sobokuya's work is that we operate it entirely manually. Although pre-cut wood slats by computer technology are widely used nowadays, Sobokuya still wishes to be able to maintain and preserve traditional values. The manipulation of marking on wood the locations to be chiseled and engraved is called "Sumi tsuke" (墨付け). To achieve absolute precision, carpenters must use a pencil sharpened less than 0.05mm. After the "Sumi tsuke" and "Kizami" stages are completed, the carpenter's next task is to assemble the wooden slats in the marked order.


Do you know that in Japan, there are projects built of natural wood which are thousands of years old? For example, Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, Japan was built in the Nara period, more than 1200 years ago, but still stands up to now. Skillful and experienced carpenters every year will maintain the temple, replacing weak spots due to external influences. They knock on the wood, listen to every crack to heal and take care of the building.

Sobokuya will also build such solid and sturdy wood houses. Especially, if the customer has a need to move the house to a new place, we can completely remove the wooden posts and beams (the process in which the worker’s understanding of the position of each joint and technique are required), transport materials and rebuild the house. For the skilled craftsmen of Sobokuya, this can be done easily.


- Periodically we will visit and maintain the project to ensure that you are always living in safe condition and comfortable when using Sobokuya Vietnam's services.

- Quickly solve wood-related problems such as termites, or damage caused by external forces (if any).

- Create trust and peace of mind for customers, anytime you call we will be there and solve the problem for you.

Providing a complete service, not leaving customers insecure in their own home is our daily effort to receivethe joy from our customers. This is also our motto from the very first day of the establishment of ​​Sobokuya


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